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The Company – what’s your story?

Our history began in 1953, when Börje Johanson came up with the idea to sew cushions, and then began a company. Through the years, we have reached an international audience by focusing on Scandinavian design and sterling furniture craftsmanship. Public spaces world-wide are our home territory.

We are expanding our collections in close collaboration with some of Europe’s foremost furniture designers. Their ideas combined with our handicraft tradition from SmĂ„land imbue our products with a truly special style and feel.

Virtually all of our production takes place in our modern production plants in Markaryd. As a result, we have total control over frame manufacturing, cutting, sewing, upholstery, assembly, and metalwork. We also offer an enormous selection of upholstery designs and 399 different RAL colours for our furniture’s metal parts. Together, this gives our customers wide freedom of choice, short delivery times, and most importantly, high quality.

Quality and environment are important keywords for us. That is why our company is certified according to ISO 14001, and the criteria for Möbelfakta are fulfilled. We also meet the highest EU standards for testing and sustainability in public spaces. Sound-absorbing properties are tested according to EU standards and all our products are durability tested by RISE Research Institute of Sweden AB.

Frankie chair, Parker stool and Charlie sofa designer FĂ€rg & Blanche

What’s your story about your product?


With their special feeling for fashion trends, the design duo FĂ€rg & Blanche have created a chair inspired by trouser braces. Focus has been on emphasizing the back of their chair, Frankie, and the straps of the braces on the back give this piece of furniture an almost human identity.


Parker is an oval-shaped stool with a metal ring that creates the impression of a waist being cinched in. Emma Blanche says: “We chose to use metal to make the stool and the distinctive ring, because Johanson is extremely flexible when it comes to colours – creating the ideal conditions for designers to develop styles that fit into different environments.”


‘‘The idea for Charlie stems from the Parker Stool that we designed for Johanson some years ago. We were working on sketches for new modular sofa concepts when we realized that Parker stool had already laid the foundations for a whole new series of seating furniture’’ say FĂ€rg & Blanche, when describing what led them to embark on this expansion of the series. After some experimentation with the “waist” ring that is the hallmark of the Parker design, the new sofa was ready with an appearance to match that of the popular stool.

Fun facts

Crafting the range in our own production facility gives us the flexibility to adapt individual products to customer requirements. We love colours! That’s why we have a colour system called Multicolour for all metal parts. It includes 399 different RAL colours in three different textures. This ensures that every product that leaves our factory conforms in full to your wishes.
That makes us unique!


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