These spaces host Sweden-based researchers, writers and artists during their residencies, aiming to provide a piece of home in Paris. Each of these six apartments (ranging from 22 to 38 square meters) have been rehabilitated by duos of forward-thinking brands and designers committed to sustainability, offering in a 16th century historic mansion, six variations of hem. In Swedish, home can be described with two words: hus, referring to an impersonal physical space, or hem, which expresses notions of belonging, security and comfort, with a positive emotional association.
Here are the duos who rose up to the challenge of bringing Swedish interiors to France, creating a hem for our guests:

Here are the participants who rose up to the challenge of bringing Swedish interiors to France, creating a hem for our guests:

  • Carl Malmsten AB – Anna Kraitz
  • TEA – Ulf Agnér
  • Beckmans College of Design Stockholm – Paris College of Art
  • Svenskt Tenn – in line with the philosophies of Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank
  • Gärsnäs – Färg & Blanche
  • DUX – Septembre Architecture & Urbanisme

Since the very beginning, Kasthall has been a part of the project by offering each duo the opportunity to choose the rug that would best suit their studio arrangement. In total, no less than forty-five brands support the project to create a Swedish atmosphere in 6 studios, down to the finest details. Some examples include Electrolux for the appliances and Design House Stockholm for the tableware.

These studios will we accessible to the public during guided tours from September 8th to October 13th 2019. The projects for the renewal of these spaces are presented in one of our exhibition spaces.
Guided tours:
Wednesday –  Friday /16:00
Saturday – Sunday / 15:00 +16:00
Admission free, booking at the front desk 1 hour before the visit (limited number of places available).
The number of tours and schedule is subject to change. Please check our website to plan your visit.The guided tours are in French but if the group is enought, it can be made in English.

Nb. Due to the strike this Friday September 13, our mediators will not be able to ensure as many visits as usual. Thank you for your understanding.

Part of  Swedish Design Moves Paris, organised in collaboration with Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France, the Swedish Embassy in France and Visit Sweden. #SwedishDesignMovesParis