The exhibition spaces and gardens will be closed on 6 June as we prepare for the evening event.
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Swedish Design Movement Paris

All through September, Swedish design is taking over the Institut Suédois, inside and out! Under the auspices of the Swedish Design Movement, over thirty companies, designers, architects and fashion designers, all convinced that design must make a significant contribution to developing a sustainable society, will be sharing their knowledge and experience with their French and international colleagues.

In the past, design has often played a key role in social progress. According to the Swedish Design Movement Manifesto that unites all the participants, design must now urgently reprise its role as an accelerator in order to help us to achieve the goals of Agenda 2030! As we know, design can transform information into action, doubts into certainties and ideas into business. Above all, it can help people to understand how vital it is to make long-term choices.

The Institut Suédois is eager to serve as a platform for interactions between key stakeholders, inviting personalities from a wide range of fields to discuss these essential challenges. Paris Design Week will be the starting point for a month focusing on sustainable design, architecture, and fashion, with a programme of exhibitions, talks, workshops and more.



Institut suédois 50 years in 2021! This event forms part of our anniversary programme dedicated to the theme of Friendship. Click here to learn more.

The Swedish Design Movement is a government-led initiative bringing together stakeholders from the worlds of design, fashion and architecture who are all actively transitioning towards increased sustainability.

Many thanks to our partners and designers!

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