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Meet the artists: who is the artist behind this artwork?

As part of the exhibition Ecole(s) suédoise(s) de Paris, about twenty artists will be present at different times during the summer to present their work and artistic approach to the public.

Swedish artists present one of their works featured in the exhibition. The artwork will be taken down and placed in a special area so that a public discussion can take place. This is an opportunity for people who love contemporary art to talk to a Swedish artist who has chosen to live in France.

Part of the contemporary art exhibition: Ecole(s) suédoise(s) de Paris, and the Garden In Summertime programme.
Admission free at 10, rue Elzévir.
In collaboration with Svenska Konstföreningen i Paris (Swedish Art Association in Paris).

Detailed programme

Thursday 12 July 2018: Örjan Wikström

Friday 13 July 2018: Anna Senno

Saturday 14 July 2018: Setareh Korkchi

Sunday 15 July 2018: Lena Steen Gensollen

Thursday 19 July 2018: Nanna Johanson-Quillin

Friday 20 July 2018: Wiveka Wachtmeister

Saturday 21 July 2018: Thomas Ahl

Sunday 22 July 2018: Karin Lewin

Thursday 26 July 2018: Ann Dillemann

Friday 27 July 2018: Susanna Sundman

Saturday 28 July 2018: Ulla Rousse

Sunday 29 July 2018: Nils Thornander

Friday 3 August 2018: Liv Mathilde Méchin

Saturday 4 August 2018: Gun Fransson

Sunday 5 August 2018: Karin Crona

Friday 17 August 2018: Agnes Widbom

Saturday 18 August 2018: Maud du Jeu

Sunday 19 August 2018: Jens Ferm

Thursday 23 August 2018: Iris Olsson

Friday 24 August 2018: Osa Scherdin

Saturday 25 August 2018: Michael Rehnvall

Sunday 26 August2018: Fredrik Ramberg